‘Manchurian President’ No. 10 Hardcover Nonfiction on New York Times Best Seller List

This week ‘The Manchurian President’ by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott is at the number 10 spot on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

World Net Daily, the book’s publisher, writes:

    A blockbuster book exposing President Obama’s extremist background and outing the radicals crafting White House policy has skyrocketed on the coveted New York Times bestseller list.

    ‘The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s ties to communists, socialists and other anti-American extremists,’ rose to No. 10 on the New York Times list. The literary indictment debuted on the list at No. 22 upon the work’s release two weeks ago and has been jumping ranks ever since.

    The book also topped the esteemed Publishers Weekly bestseller list.

    As WND has reported, the book has also been a huge hit with the online book retailer Amazon.com.

Update 6/12/10: ‘Manchurian President’ is #9 Political Best Seller at WaPo’s Book World, 6/13/10, and #10 June’s Political Best Sellers, The Caucus/New York Times, 6/12/10.



  1. How can anybody like this POS for a leader of this Nation…I try not to hate this PRIC. but I have a very hard time trying to find one ounce of good in this ‘SON OF HELL’…..That is because there is no good in an evil heart….And I do not give a damn what those bunch of losers think who worship this Lucifer from Hades…I think we can say Thank You to all the OBAMAMITES who voted for this clown….

  2. The Best Read In Years The Manchurian President, (Obamacare) Who Never Attended Columbia Univ, Yikees, Read This Book And Trace Back 1981-83 No One Ever Saw The Manchurian Pres Barack Abdallah Husein Obama, Who Was In The Library As A Monk Type, Not Even The Librarian At Columbia Ever Say Him, Hmm. Google Rev James Manning PhD Trial May 16, 2010, Pres Obama Quilty 17 Counts, CIA Operative Muslim Aiding The Taliban, Yikees. Thanks Rev James David Manning, ATLAH Ministries Pastor Harlem New York. God Bless America.

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