‘Manchurian President’ Now Available on CD, MP3CD, and Tape

Publishers Weekly includes Manchurian President on its Fall 2010 Audio Listings.

Unfortunately, Amazon.com is showing a long delay in filling orders on any alternative media forms other than its own Kindle ebook and Audible downloadable version.

Fortunately, Blackstone Audio, which published The Manchurian President in audio formats, released on July 5, including the Audible version, has copies immediately available in CD (9), MP3CD, and on tapes (8). You can even listen to a sample of the reading by Sean Runette, an audio book award winner.

RBO also discovered another book review, dated June 13, at the Kansas City Conservative Examiner: “Best-seller The Manchurian President has a Kansas City connection.”

Just in case the Obots are expecting (hoping) Manchurian will disappear (that’s their plan for all things unpleasant, you know — ignore it and it’ll go away), it’s not happening. It’s still in the top 15 of Amazon’s Best Sellers for Nonfiction Politics and in the top 3 in three other categories.

Plus bookseller Tower Books has Manchurian listed in the #1 spot in Executive Branch and listed in the #2 spot in Politics and Events on its Hardcover Top 100 list.

Obviously, a whole lot of somebodies are reading and listening.


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